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About FHA 203K Home Loans

FHA 203k home loans are a type of FHA-insured mortgage loan that allows homebuyers to finance both the purchase of a home and the cost of necessary repairs or renovations. This loan is designed for borrowers who want to buy a fixer-upper or an older home that needs significant repairs or upgrades. The FHA 203k loan provides funds to cover the cost of the home purchase and the renovation in one loan, with one closing. The loan amount is based on
the projected value of the property after the renovations are completed.

FHA Loan process

Determine eligibility, shopping for lenders, submitting an application, getting pre-approved, choosing a loan program, locking in your rate, providing additional documentation, closing on the loan, and making payments.

Why an FHA 203K Loan?

This loan is a great option for homeowners who want to make major renovations or repairs to their home but do not have the cash on hand to pay for them upfront. Some benefits of an FHA 203K loan include low down payment requirements, flexible credit requirements, and competitive interest rates.

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